Materials for Electronic Applications

We develop materials systems for more efficient and novel electronic components.

In various projects, we research and develop materials for applications in information and communication technologies as well as in sensor and actuator technology. In addition to classic semiconductors, innovative functional materials based on oxides are playing an increasingly important role in the context of so-called oxide electronics. In addition to a DFG Collaborative Research Centre (FLAIR: Fermi-Level Engineering Applied to Oxide Electroceramics), there are a number of larger EU/BMBF projects with strong industry participation on memristors for fast non-volatile digital memories and neuromorphic computing as well as materials for upcoming mobile phone standards.

In addition, our researchers are working on the development of superconductors for more sustainable particle accelerators and spintronic materials for next-generation energy-efficient computing.

Organic electronic materials and molecular nanostructures such as carbon nanotubes and graphene for high-speed electronics, optoelectronics or sensor technology are also among our research areas.