Materials Characterisation

We develop state-of-the art methods for investigating materials.

In our research projects, various characterisation methods are not only used, but also further developed. Our research infrastructure includes a wide range of state-of-the-art methods

  • for structural analysis: from the electronic structure to the atomic coordination to the microstructure of components,
  • for the determination of elemental compositions: locally resolved in the sub-µm2 range from bulk analysis down to trace elements.

The combination of these numerous methods opens up a unique spectrum of possibilities in research. Particularly noteworthy are our Darmstadt Integrated Systems for Materials Research (DAISY-MAT ), Battery Research (DAISY-BAT ), Fundamental Research (DAISY-FUN ) or Solar Cell Research (DAISY-SOL ), in which a specific combination of synthesis and analysis methods enable in-situ analyses in closed ultra-high vacuum systems. Additionally, we are engaged into the development of Synchroton methods (SoLIAS measuring station at the BESSYII Synchrotron in Berlin).

In activities funded by the European Research Council on the further development of electron microscopy, we are researching methods to clarify structure-property relationships with atomic resolution and developing in-situ [scanning] tunneling electron microscopy ([S]TEM) and 4D-STEM methods.