International and Multidisciplinary

In a world with global business integration, good English language skills and intercultural competences are essential assets. The job market for Materials Scientists is international. This is why our Master's programme is entirely taught in English. The programme focuses on functional materials such as materials for energy or electronic applications, on their synthesis, characterization, and simulation.

All you need to know about our Master's programmes

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The M.Sc. Materials Science

Our International Double Degree Programmes

Our Master's curriculum is also brought in to several multidisciplinary, international double degree programmes. For this, we collaborate with universities all across Europe and in China. By providing a multicultural, manifold environment and a maximum of mobility during the course of studies our students are qualified to become highly-skilled professionals in research & development. They graduate at two institutions, simultaneously, with one Master's degree, each.

We also participate in the following Master's Programme

M.Sc. Energy Science and Engineering

This interdisciplinary Master's programme is taught in English and German. Please visit the programme's homepage for detailed information.