AMIR Master
Advanced Materials: Innovative Recycling

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European Master in Materials Science

The Master in Advanced Materials: Innovative Recycling (AMIR-EM and AMIR) are a world leading programmes which explore the raw material value chain, particularly focusing on recycling. The programmes aim to educate students to become highly-skilled professionals with expertise in a variety of raw materials fields and to instil a deep entrepreneurial mindset from a wealth of businesses, incubators, innovation services and industry contributors that make up the programme.

AMIR-EM is an ERASMUS MUNDUS Master programme supported by the European Union

International students can get a scholarship up to 49,000 Euro (34,000 Euro for European students).

AMIR is part of the EIT Raw Materials Academy

AMIR is supported by the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) and the International Master programme of the Bordeaux “Initiative of Excellence” (IdEx). Students can get a scholarship of 13,5000 Euro.

The knowledge acquired on the programme is underpinned by an entrepreneurial mindset that provides essential transferable skills for researchers, such as intellectual property, research ethics and scientific communication.

Study Objectives

  • The AMIR Master programme offers students the possibility of obtaining a double diploma; a nationally accredited diploma from each of the two partner universities where they study.
  • Educating students to become highly-skilled European professionals with expertise in various types of materials. This expertise will enable them to develop, at a large and ambitious scale, new methods for material recycling. In addition, the AMIR program includes classes on transferable skills such as innovation, ethics, intellectual property, life cycle assessment, sustainability and advanced research strategies.
  • Developing a deep entrepreneurship mind-set with the help and expertise of associated businesses, incubators and innovation services as well as a large panel of industries.

Further information

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