Z010 Zwick / Roell

The Z010 is a two column load frame from “Zwick/ Roell”. For proper power transmission at high temperatures, bars of alumina are installed. The device can be used for stress- and / or temperature dependent compression deformation, but for ferroelastic measurements, as well. Due to sintering effects of the compression bars the temperature limit is 1150 °C. The maximum force the equipped load cell can measure is 10 kN.

Z010 Zwick / Roell technical Data

Maximum Force 10 kN
Crosshead speed 0,0005 – 1000 mm/min
Drive systems ́s travel resolution 0,0232 μm
Positioning, repetition accuracy ± 2 μm
Measurement range up to 165 % of FN
Calculated resolution (e.g. in tensile / compression direction) 24 bit
Data acquisition rate, internal 400 kHz
Test data transmission rate to the PC 500 Hz
Maximum sample temperature 1150 °C