Notch / hardness tester Finotest

The device is used to determine the hardness of metallic materials according to Vickers and Brinell. As well as to determine the hardness of organic coatings. Knoop hardness can be determined on thin metallic layers. It is suitable for tests on case-hardened and nitrided workpieces, lapped precision parts in precision engineering and optics as well as on measuring surfaces, cutting edges and foils.

Notch / hardness tester Finotest technical Data

Hydraulic loading not automatic, manual operation
Load options basic load cell includes 4.9N x 1, 9.8N x 1, 19.6N x 4; a combination of these is possible
Indenter Vickers indenter x 2, Knoop indenter x 2
Light microscope 10 x, 20 x, 40 x (time 10 for total amplication)