Precision surface grinding machine ELB SWH-4 ND

The ELB SWH-4 ND has a hydraulic table with an external hydraulic unit. The actually usable grinding area is 450 mm x 200 mm. The grinding water is cleaned of coarse grinding residues by means of an automatic paper filter and a pump is sprayed back onto the workpiece.

The motor with a power of 4,5 kW generates the force required to move the tool over the workpiece. The movement can work intermittently or in the X-, Y- or Z-axis.

The following operating modes are possible:

Grooving – face grinding with automatic feed in the Y-axis – sparking out – return

ELB SWH-4 ND Technical Data

Grinding length: 450 mm
Grinding width: 200 mm
Workpiece height: 250 mm
Table speed: 0 – 60 mm / Hub
Table size: 600 x 200 mm
Rotational speed: 2600 U / min
Motor power: 4,0 kW
Weight: ca. 1450 kg