Bachelor of Science Materials Science
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The Study Programme

On this page you will find compact information about the Bachelor of Science Materials Science programme, orientation offers for first semester students as well as important documents and forms for your studies.

Your Study Plan

The study programme is based on a profound training in the subjects mathematics, physics and chemistry. It is accompanied by a materials science-specific training, starting in the first semester. The students become acquainted with the scientific and technical fundamentals on preparation, characterisation, development and application of construction materials and functional materials. Besides the theoretical training, several practical courses carried out within the divisions of our institute are part of the programme. The programme is complemented by mandatory courses in mechanics and electrical engineering as minor subjects. Two more elective subjects can be selected from the courses offered by the departments of the natural sciences or engineering, or from an interdisciplinary field (like Business Administration or Economics).

Please click on the image in order to enlargen the PDF.
Please click on the image in order to enlargen the PDF.

Study Organisation

You can find detailed information on the study programme, including the module handbook, study and examination schedule and the course catalogue on TU Darmstadt's Central Study webpage.

Freshers' Information

You can track the processing status of your application on TU Darmstadt's Application and Admission Procedures portal.

Here you can find the former introductory lectures:

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You can find previous introductory lectures here . For more information visit our orientation week.