Determination of breaking strength

Universal testing machine

Our materials testing machines are used to test the compressive strength of materials. The materials test frame can perform many standard compression tests on materials, components, and structures.

Z010 Zwick / Roell

The Z010 is a two column load frame from “Zwick/ Roell”. For proper power transmission at high temperatures, bars of alumina are installed. The device can be used for stress- and / or temperature dependent compression deformation, but for ferroelastic measurements, as well. Due to sintering effects of the compression bars the temperature limit is 1150 °C. The maximum force the equipped load cell can measure is 10 kN.

Maximum Force: 10 kN
Crosshead speed: 0,0005 – 1000 mm/min
Drive systems ́s travel resolution: 0,0232 μm
Positioning, repetition accuracy: ± 2 μm
Measurement range: up to 165 % ofFN
Calculated resolution (e.g. in tensile / compression direction): 24 bit
Data acquisation rate, internal: 400 kHz
Test data transmission rate to the PC: 500 Hz
Maximum sample temperature: 1150°C

MTS 810 Servo Hydraulic Testing System

The 810 MTS is a two-axis servo-hydraulic test machine that offers extensive test functions with a force input of up to 1kN or 5kN. The 810 MTS is suitable for fatigue tests and fracture tests.

Maximum Force: 1kN or 5kN (depending on the load cell)
Maximum sample temperature: 1600°C

Instron 2850-30KN

The load frame „2850-30KN Instron“ provides uniaxial, force- or strain controlled deformation experiments. With the software compression, tensile and cyclic tests are feasible. The maximum applicable force of the load cell is limited to 30 kN. The sample contacting rods are constructed of silicon carbide, which is mechanically stable up to 1400 °C. These temperatures can be achieved with a surrounding “HTM Reetz / 2408 Eurotherm” oven. In the lower part of the system an LVDT system is equipped, to measure strain in micrometer range.

Maximum Force: 30 kN
Maximum sample temperature: 1400°C