Mechanical Analytic
Field of activity Methods / Equipment
Determination of breaking strength Bending strength

4-point-bending according to standard, RT – 1500 °C, various electro-mechanical and servo-hydraulic testing machines, 10-100 kN (MTS, Zwick,), piezo-actuator-driven loading frame

Compressive strength

Geometry according to demands
Fracture toughness and R-curve-behavior Bending bars with indentation (Vickers, Knoop),
notch (SENB), V-notch (SEVNB), Compact-Tension-specimens
Subcritical crack growth (scg) 4-point-bending with/without notch
Thermal expansion (coefficient of thermal expansion, phase transformations, …) Temperature-expansion-curves, RT – 1550 °C,
Young’s modulus Resonance frequency, RT – 1500 °C