List of active projects of the Materials Modeling Division at TU Darmstadt with third-party funding organized according to the main research areas:

FestBatt-Data – A method platform for theory and data within the competence cluster solid state batteries
BMBF Project

Cooperative kinetics of defects and domain structures in ferroelectrics
DFG Project AL578/16-2

“Intermediate bands” in indium thiospinels
DFG Project GH209/1-1

EFFCIS II – Efficient photovoltaic absorbers
BMWi Project

Thermomechanical properties and microstructure of fcc and bcc high-entropy alloys
DFG Project AL578/25-2

Piezoresistivity in nanocrystalline graphene
DFG Project RO4542/3-1

Composite materials for applications under extreme conditions
DFG Graduate College TU Darmstadt – KIT

Hysteresis design of magnetic materials for efficient energy conversion
subproject (B07) – Additive manufacturing of magnetocaloric nanomaterials: An atomstic modelling approach towards hysteresis and microstructure design
DFG Project No. 405553726

Cooperative kinetics of defects and domain structures in ferroelectrics
DFG Project GE1171/8-1

Influence of defect chemistry on ferroelectric properties of KNN
DFG Project AL 578/23-1

Fermi Level Engineering of Antiferroelectric Materials for Energy Storage and Insulation Systems
LOEWE Research Topic FLAME

OVITO: Visualization and data analysis software for particle-based simulations in physics, chemistry and materials research
DFG Project STU611/3-1

From interatomic potentials to phase diagrams: Integrated tools for validation and fitting
DFG Project STU611/5-1

Interatomare potentials for amorphous solids from second principles
DFG Project RO4542/4-1

Simulation and Data Lab “Materials Design”

Former Projects