Plasma Immersion

Two vacuum chambers are available for PIII&D. One of those chambers offers the possibility to combine magnetron sputtering with the plasma process.

The samples are fixed on a plate (usually with screws) that is supported by an insulator in the inside of the chamber. The voltage is applied via a high voltage feedthrough. Two high voltage pulsers and one DC power supply can be connected.

For characterization purposes a quadrupole mass spectrometer and an optical spectrometer are available.

Device Specifications

Chamber 1
for implantation and preparation of DLC films
Volume 0.075 m3
Base pressure 10-7 hPa
Diameter sample holder 10 cm
Number of MFCs 4
High voltage pulser
Max. voltage 25 kV
Pulse length 1 – 100 µs
Pulse rise time 300 ns
DC power supply
Max. voltage 3.5 kV
Max. current 1.5 A
Chamber 2
for the preparation of DLC and metal films
Volume 0.065 m3
Base pressure 2 x 10-7 hPa
Diameter sample holder 10 – 20 cm
Number of MFCs 4
Sputter source
Target diameter 2 in. (5,1 cm)
Power supply 300 W RF
Flexible head and positioning
Integrated shutter