Thermal expansion

The thermal behavior of samples strongly depends on the coefficient of expansion or coefficient of thermal expansion. The thermal behavior between room temperature and up to 2000°C can be investigated using the dilatometers available in the working group. Both rectangular and cylindrical samples can be measured.

Linseis L75

The Linseis L75 dilatometer enables measurements of the thermal expansion in the range from room temperature to a maximum temperature of 1400°C under normal ambient atmosphere.

Temperature range: 20 bis 1400°C
Type of distance measurement: LVTD
Delta L resolution: 0,03 nm
Measuring range: +/- 2500 µm
Contact force: 10 mN bis zu 1 N
Automatic sample length detection: yes
Force modulation: yes

Netzsch Argon Dilatometer

The Netzsch argon dilatometer can be used to measure the coefficient of thermal expansion at 2000 ° C under argon or ambient atmosphere (on the sample).

Max. Temperature range 20 °C to 2000°C
Measuring range 50 mm (+- 2500mm)
ΔL resolution (over the entire measuring range) 0,1 nm