Angebotsturnus Jedes Semester, nach Absprache
Arbeitsaufwand ca. 6 Monate, 900 Std.
Credit Points 30 CP
Sprache Englisch
Voraussetzung Industriepraktikum, erreichte 75 CP im Pflicht- und Wahlpflichtbereich, ARL
Thema nach Absprache
Prüfung Abgabe der Masterthesis und öffentlicher Vortrag mit Diskussion

Masterarbeiten in unserem Fachgebiet

Jahr Titel AbsolventIn
2020 Defect thermodynamics in NBT Manuel Riesner
2019 Predicting Exfoliability of MAX Phases into MXenes Using Ab-initio Thermodynamics Ali Muhammad Malik
2019 Diffusion in High-Entropy Oxides Niklas Leimeroth
2019 Modelling the raking process of powder blend for powder bed fusion Christopher Soon
2019 Finite-temperature thermodynamics of LiNiO_2 studied by the cluster expansion method David Kasdorf
2019 Influence of cation order and strain on sodium diffusion in Na_3Zr_2Si_2PO_12: A computational study Lisette Haarmann
2018 Ab-initio simulations of permanent magnets Tim Kolb
2018 Interaction of Oxygen Vacancies with Dislocations in SrTiO_3 – An Atomistic Approach Arne Jan Klomp
2017 Atomistic Simulation of Grain Boundary Effects in a high Entrophy Alloy.
Daniel Thomas Utt
2017 Ab-initio calculations of structure and properties of lithium thiophosphates (V2).
Marcel Sadowski
2017 Influence of hydrogen on the electronic structure of grain boundaries in graphene.
Delwin Idigo Perera
2017 Oxidation and diffusion in TiAl-based aerospace alloys Alexandre Bily
2017 Thermal Expansion of Nanoporous Gold – Studied with Molecular Dynamic Simulations Stephan Wollstadt
2015 Computer simulations of ordering effects and dislocation structures in high entropy alloys.
Leonie Koch
2015 Electrodeposition of Stainless Steel Zélie Tournoud
2014 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Liquid Phase Crystallized Silicon.
Elke Flegel
2014 Monte Carlo Simulations of the Electrocaloric Effect in Relaxor Ferroelectrics.
Constanze Kalcher
2014 Analytical Bond-Order Potential for α- and ß-Tin.
Markus Mock

Diplomarbeiten in unserem Fachgebiet

Jahr Titel AbsolventIn
2012 Atomistic Computer Simulations of Amorphous Silicon Oxycarbide Tobias Brink
2010 Finite-Size Effects in Oxide Nanoparticles Manuel Diehm
2008 Modellierung der Thermodynamik und Kinetik geträgerter binärer Pt-Rh Nanopartikel Mathias Nalepa
2007 Plasticity in nanocrystalline bcc-Metals: A molecular dynamics approach Jonathan Schäfer
2007 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Dislocation Nucleation at Grain Boundaries Yvonne Ritter
2007 Lead-free Ferroelectrics from Ab-Initio Calculations Silke Hayn
2007 Electronic Structure and Mobility of Oxygen Defects in In2O3 Peter Agoston
2007 Lattice Monte-Carlo Simulations of Pt-Rh Nanoparticles Johan Pohl
2003 Atomistic Computer Simulations of Silicon and Silicon Carbide Nanoparticle Condensation: Role of Thermostats and Interatomic Potentials Paul Erhart
2003 Growth and Annealing Processes of Metallic Thin Films and Multilayer Systems: Kinetic lattice Monte-Carlo simulations Michael Müller
2003 Effects of Ion Irradiation in Nanocrystalline Nickel Wolfgang Vögeli
2001 Molekulardynamische Simulationen der Selbstdiffusion auf fcc(100) Oberflächen Irina Mazilu