The MaLz

Learning Centre for Materials Science (MaLz)

The Learning Centre for Materials Science is a meeting point and lounge for all students of the department. It is located directly to the right of the main entrance and can hardly be missed.

As the name suggests, the Learning Centre is ideal for learning, because in addition to a small reference library, students have access to a selection of old examination protocols, exams and exercises. Furthermore, there are older students who are usually willing to help.

In MaLz you will also find the info screen of the student council. It informs students about topics such as elections, events or part-time jobs.

In addition to MaLz we can provide you with another work room. It is located directly left of the FS room.

The opening hours of MaLz correspond to the opening hours of the MaWi building (8:00-19:00).