Active Members

Here the active members of the Materials Science Student Council are listed. If you would like to join in, please feel free to drop by at the next meeting of the student council!

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Name Task(s) Semester
Nicklas Graumann FSK, LiWi networking, FSR, Bachelor-OWO 13
Nils Winkelmann Cloud 13
Jonas Philippi QSL, FSR 13
Adrian Scheer Finance 11
Felix Petersein PhD Committee 11
Marie Neumann Master Examination Committee, Moodle 11
Olaf Praß Summer festival commissioner 11
Nathalie Horsinka Server Structure 9
Isabel Armstrong-Cowell Scripts 7
Laura Fieber FBR, study committee, mails 7
Christine Erb Bachelor-OWO,, Instagram, outreach, FSR, QSL 5
Jakob Laux Book Action 5
Lisa Nguyen FSR, Bachelor-OWO, Outreach 5
Nick Finger FBR, Bachelor-OWO, website, Cell phone 5
Jakob Tillmann Hey 3
Jan Uhle 3
Surafel Melaku 3
Rishabh Kundu Outreach Program 1
Vincent Timm Surveys 1