Graduation Ceremony

The graduation ceremony for our graduates in Materials Science regularly takes place in December. We would like to celebrate your successful graduation and a new phase in your life together with you, your family members and friends in a festive atmosphere.

Information and Registration

The next graduation ceremony will take place on November 25th 2022. In addition to a talk of a renowned scientist and award ceremonies, all graduates and those who have just completed their doctoral studies will be presented with the certificates (in copy) during this event. A musical entertainment program is also being prepared.

Please let the study office by email to know until 11 November 2022 if you would like to attend the event.

Surface Science Research Group

"Ambition, discipline and perseverance were the key to my successful doctorate. I was rewarded with exciting research tasks, challenges, new experiences and friendships. Doing my doctorate at the Institute of Materials Science not only opened up new career paths for me, but it was also a highly personal enrichment."

Picture: Katharina Schuldt

Research Career

Would you like to do a PhD after you graduation? Then stay with us! You will find current job vacancies on the respective websites of our departments and TU Darmstadt's central job portal.

We hope that you enjoyed your studies and/or PhD at TU Darmstadt! The Institute of Materials Science would love to keep in touch with you. Thus, TU Darmstadt cordially invites you to become part of the international alumni network with its various events and social platforms.