Ferroelectric Analytic
Field of activity Methods / Equipment
Ferroelectric polarization and strain Polarization- and strain hysteresis (uni- und bi-polar) at temperatures up to 200 °C and compressive stress up to 800 MPa
Field-dependent piezoelectric coefficients d33(E) and ε33(E) maximum 8 kV/mm bias field, small signal frequency 1kHz, 25 °C to 200 °C (AixPES)
Ferroelastic properties Stress-strain behaviour under electric field, maximum 4 kV/mm and temperatures to 600 °C.
Small signal d33 and permittivity under mechanical load, maximum 800 MPa, maximum temperature 800 °C, frequency: 100 mHz bis 250 Hz, load amplitude: ± 5 MPa.
Large signal d33 and d31, maximum amplitude 8 kV/mm, 25 °C to 175 °C
(Zwick, AixPES,)
Temperature-dependent piezoelectric coefficient d33(T) of piezoceramic disc actuators, -100 °C to 600 °C. indirect piezoelectric effect, small signal frequency: 1kHz, displacement measurement with laser vibrometer