Phase-field Modelling and Simulation
Lab course

The functionality of materials is based on the underlying microstructure and its evolution with respect to environment, loading, or excitation. To reveal the underlying mechanisms and to assist in the design of new materials, it is thus essential to develop efficient theoretical models to predict and manipulate the evolution of microstructure. For this purpose, the phase-field method turns out to be most successful and most general approach.


LV-Nr. Termine Veranstaltungsort Studienbereich Credits
11-01-4101 (Part of Research Lab I) Winter term - M.Sc. Materials Science 4CP



This course provides a hands-on introduction to phase-field modeling and simulations. In this course, participants will learn

  • the theoretical foundations of phase-field methods,
  • their discretization by the Finite-Element method, and
  • to model and simulate dendritic growth (e.g. of a snowflake), spinodal decomposition of alloys, or the sintering of microparticles.