Computational Homogenization Methods
Lab course

Composition of base materials with different proeprties is a common strategy in order to achieve a desired functional performance. Efficient tools are thus required to predict a material's behavior based on that of its constituents. One of those techniques is given by computational homogenization where, through explicit modeling of the composite microstructure and the consideration of the constituents' properties, one can derive the effective behavior of the material mixture.


LV-Nr. Termine Veranstaltungsort Studienbereich Credits
11-01-4101 (Part of Research Lab I) Winter term - M.Sc. Materials Science 4CP



This lab course provides a hands-on introduction to computational homogenization methods. In particular, the course covers the

  • generation of synthetic 2D microstructures (spherical inclusions in a matrix, binary alloys),
  • the numerical computation of effective material properties, and
  • the computation of upper/lower bounds on expectable material properties.