Info Talk on NIMS visiting programs

L2|01 R 77,

2023/10/06 11:00-12:00 by

Dr. Koichi Tsuchiya from NIMS, Japan, is presenting international exchange and visiting programs of NIMS. Since a few years our institute is partner of the International Cooperative Graduate School Program, which supports research visits of doctoral and post-doctoral students.

This talk will introduce the details of various visiting programs at NIMS to interested students, doctoral and post-doctoral researchers:

-Internship program (IP) ,

-International Cooperative Graduate School Program (ICGP),

-International Center for Young Scientists (ICYS).

The National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS) is a national research institute focusing on materials science located in Tsukuba city, Japan. NIMS was established in 2002 to conduct fundamental research on materials as well as materials-related technology. Research in NIMS covers a wide range of materials, such as metals, ceramics, magnetic/spitronic materials, biomaterials, polymers, electronic materials and quantum materials etc. We hope many of you will take advantage of these programs and visit NIMS in the future!