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TU Student Survey 2023 open until June 19th

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TU Student Survey 2023 open until June 19th

How can learning experience and study satisfaction be evaluated? What motivates students during their studies and what burdens them? How are advisory services, examination organisation and offers for international study mobility rated?

In the summer semester of 2023, all students at the TU Darmstadt will have the opportunity for the fourth time to contribute their perspectives and opinions on study-related topics. The insights gained into the functionality of study programmes and general study conditions contribute to their further development.

Important building block for the quality assurance of study programmes

Since 2017, TU students have been comprehensively asked about their personal experiences every two years. And intensive work is done with the survey results. This is also noticeable in the fact that almost all departments contribute their own questions to their students. For example, these results are of great importance for the further development of the degree programmes and for the improvement of central service offers. The results of the central survey complement student assessments of individual courses (course evaluations) as well as retrospective assessments of the entire degree programme (alumni survey) and, just like these, are part of the quality assurance of study and teaching.

Support the survey and make your students aware that they can participate in the current survey.

Student Survex 2023 (3 Minute Update Teaching Ep.8)

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The Vice President, Academic Affairs and Diversity, Prof. Heribert Warzecha, addresses the students in person. Today's topic: TU Student Survey 2023. (with english subtitles)

The Survey - in a nutshell

When? The survey runs from mid-April to around the end of June.

Who? All enrolled students (BA, MA, Lehramt).

How? Online, invitation from Vice-President Warzecha with link and TAN by email

Time? 20 – 30 minutes are needed to answer the questions (some free text fields).

Results? After the survey, the HDA prepares a university-wide report on the results as well as subject and study area reports.

Initiator: Vice President for Studies and Teaching and Diversity, Professor Dr. Heribert Warzecha, together with the Department of Studies and Teaching

Concept and implementation: Center for Educational Development and Technology (HDA) of the TU

Further information: