In unserem Gruppenseminar findet ein regelmäßiger Austausch über die laufende Forschung der Mitarbeitenden und Studierenden statt.

Kommende Termine

B: Bachelorarbeit, BS: Bachelor-Seminar Functional and Structural Materials

M: Masterarbeit, MS: Master-Seminar Research Topics in Materials Science

ARL: Advanced Research Lab, P: Promotion


10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
Saban Tosun
3D Printed Fiber Sensors for Smart Clothing (M)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
. Bräuer
Electroldeposition of Nickel Nanospikes – From Electroless Plating to a Potential driven Synthesis
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
A. Abdelwahab
New design of bond pads for microelectronic devices (M)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
K. Fröhlich
Chemical etching of PI membranes
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M.L. Bürckner
Oxidationsverhalten von High Entropy Alloys im Hochtemperaturbereich unter dem Einfluss von Wasserdampf (B)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M. Groeb
A (not so) Short Introduction to Systematic Literature Review
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
T. Böttcher
Building a flip dot matrix-based digital clock from scratch
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M.-G. Ameres
Heterogene Katalyse: Einführung und Anwendung von Nanomaterialien (B)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M. Groeb
Diamond scribing as an alternative to diamond finishing on a high precision milling machine
13:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M. Marechal
Study and characterization of cork substrates for flexible electronics (ARL)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M. Jain
Investigations on solid-state nanopores in polymer membranes (ARL)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M. L. Bürckner
Oxidationsverhalten von Hiqh Entropy Alloys im Hochtemperaturbereich unter dem Einfluss von Wasserdampf (B)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
A. Abbasi
Adsorption-Photocatalysis synergy for the removal of Emerging Organic Contaminants of water
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
L. O. Meisel
Palladiumbeschichtung bestachelter Nickel-Nanodrahtnetzwerke für die alkalische Methanoloxidation(B)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
T. Walbert
Probevortrag Dissertation
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
P. Bräuer
Status report
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
V. Starke
Synthesis of NiCoB and Pt nanotubes (B)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
A. Creutz
Electrodeposition of Nickel-Palladium Nanowire Networks for Alkaline Methanol Oxidation Electrocatalysis (M)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
V. Starke
Spintronic Effects and Nanomagnetic measurements (B)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
L. O. Meisel
Brennstoffzelle (ARL)
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M. Antoni
PhD defense talk
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
F. Münch
Writing a review
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
T. Stohr
Status report
10:00 Uhr
via Zoom
M. C. Scheuerlein
Electroless plating of nanoscale Bi films
10:15 Uhr
via Zoom
S. Lehmann
Synthese Titanat-basierter Kern-Schale Mikropartikel zur Feldsteuerung in der Hochspannungstechnik
10:00 Uhr
M. Erdmann
Modifizierung und Charakterisierung von Nanoporen in Polyethylen-terephthalat mit PAMAM-Dendrimeren zum Nachweis von Metallionen in wässriger Lösung (B)
12.03. S. Paulus
Thermal and Electrical Behavior of MDMO-PPV-b-P(tBuA) diblock copolymers (M)
9:00 Uhr
I. Romero
Electroless plating of cellulose-supported silver nanoparticle catalysts using tin-free seeding (ARL)
20.02. B. Thybusch
HF labor – safety introduction
compulsory attendance
Freitag 10:00 Uhr Raum L2|01 128
N. Ushifusa (Hitachi Ltd., Research & Development group)
Novel screen printing technology to make fine-patterned and high-aspect ratio electrodes
30.01. Y. Bolat
ARL report
19.12. F. Münch
Shape-controlled Au dendrites by 4-dimethylaminopyridine-guided galvanic displacement
12.12. K. Fröhlich
Analytical working – what does precise, clean and safe really mean?
28.11. M. C. Scheuerlein
Progress report
21.11. M. H. A. Haider
Acrylic acid based hydrogel pore-filled membrane for heavy metal ion filtration
14.11 F. Münch
Conformal Solution Deposition of Pt-Pd Titania Nanocomposite Coatings for Light-Assisted Formic Acid Electro-Oxidation
K. Amin
Self-supported NiCo-Layered Double Hydroxide Electrodes for Electrochemical Applications
07.11. P. Bräuer
Status Report
31.10. C. Hofferberth
Nanobody funktionalisierte ionenleitende Nanopormembranen (B)
24.10. V. Mehlhorn
Entwicklung einer sensorischen Analytik von Humanem Serum Ionenleitender Nanoporen (M)
17.10. M. Tursun
10.40 Uhr R77
M. Colombo
German still life painter Georg Flegel under the lens of non-invasive techniques
T. Böttcher
QChemAnalyst – The feature update
10.40 Uhr R77
T. Stohr
Status Report
14.08. M. Li
Electroless Synthesis and Electrochemical Properties of Ni/Ni-Pt/NiPd Nanotubes (ARL)
03.07. A. Walter
ARL Talk (ARL)
05.06. A. L. Fischer
Electroless synthesis of (bi)metallic nanostructures based on Pd and Au (ARL)
T. Böttcher
QChemAnalyst --- Status report and feature request
29.05. M. Erdmann
Dendrimere (BS)
15.05. T. Böttcher
Programming for the curious ones – An insight into embedded programming
X. Zhang
Electroless Plating of Silver Nanoplatelets, Structural Modification via Galvanic Gold Exchange and their Application as Hydrogen Peroxide Sensor (M)
24.04. T. Böttcher
3D printing for amateurs – A spectacle in three acts
10.00 Uhr
N. Wleklinski
Electrochemical Deposition of One-Dimensional Manganese Oxide Nanoobjects (M)
Y. Zhang
Etching of Polymeric Nanopores on PLA membranes and Characterization of their Shapes and Size (ARL)
J. Zhu
Investigation of the electrodeposition of cobalt oxides in highly porous templates (M)
27.03. R. Vogt
Modification of Ni-nanowires towards high performance alcohol catalysts (M)
06.03. Y. Zhu
Herstellung eindimensionaler Nanostrukturen auf Basis einer NiPd-Legierung (B)
27.02. V. Mehlhorn
Chemical analysis of integrated Nanosensors on LOC-systems (ARL)
W. Ensinger
Röntgenfluoreszenzanalyse für die kunsthistorische Analytik
20.02. P. Bräuer
Synthese hierarchischer Pt-MOx Nanoobjekte zur Katalyse der Ethanolelektrooxidation (M)
06.02. M. H. A. Haider
Anions effect on the transport behaviour of positively charged nanopores
30.01. S. Lehmann
Colorful results – Design of Experiments BSTO
23.01. T. Walbert
In-situ TEM studies regarding the thermal behaviour of one-dimensional metal nanotubes – Part II
M. Antoni
Simple sketches with Inkscape – An interactive training
10.30 Uhr L2|01 101
M. Groeb
Process Analysis and Characterization of Milled Optical Surfaces in Hardened Stainless Steel (M)
F. Muench
Nucleation-Controlled Solution Deposition of Silver Nanoplate Architectures
12.12. K. Fröhlich
Investigations of Antitarnishing of copper surfaces
05.12. C. Hofferberth
Biosensoren (BS)
28.11. I. Duznovic
Figure review – What to obey? What to improve?
T. Li
Synthesis and Characterization of Monometallic Co-Nanotubes and Bimetallic Nanotubes based on Pt and Au (ARL)
21.11. T. Böttcher
Pd-Ni Nanoobjects for alkaline fuel cells
31.10. M. Bulic
Verschiedene Typen von Brennstoffzellen – Funktionsprinzip, Anwendungen (BS)
12.09. L. Sun
Synthesis of (multi-)metallic nanotube networks as catalysts for the methanol oxidation reaction (M)
15.08. X. Zhang
Electroless synthesis of bimetallic nanostructures based on Ag and Au (ARL)
10.08. T. Walbert
In-situ TEM studies regarding the thermal behaviour of one-dimensional metal nanotubes
08.08. S. Lehmann
Performance of substrate-free materials – Detailed view on Nb-doped STO
18.07. M. Antoni
Catalytic properties of Pd@TiO2 nanoobjects in alcohol oxidation reactions
R. Vogt
Synthesis of Ni/Pd-nanowires by galvanic exchange and their oxidation and reduction behaviour (ARL)
11.07. T. Stohr
Multimetallic Nano-Synthesis: Fine-Tuning Composition, Morphology and Dispersion
04.07. T. Böttcher
Coupling electrical current with magnetic rotary movement
20.06. T. Stein
Tailoring geometrical dimensions and electrical properties of ion conducting nanopores via layer-by-layer self-assembly (M)
06.06. M. H. A. Haider
Summary of Research Projects Performed during my Master Study
30.05. Y. Zhu
Brennstoffzellen -- Aufbau, Typen und Funktionen (BS)
F. Muench
Joint nanoplating research: Electroless alloy deposition, Rayleigh decay of nanostructures, shape selective plating and deconstruction
23.05. N. Wleklinski
Measurements with a linear quadrupol mass spectrometer for quantitative analysis of organic compounds in ambient air (ARL)
J. Zhu
Investigation of the electrodeposition of cobalt oxides (ARL)
02.05. F. Lücking
Synthese und Charakterisierung von Zinn(IV)-oxid-Nanoröhren sowie Bestimmung deren sensorischen Eigenschaften (B)
C. Schare
Plasmaoxidation von eindimensionalen metallischen Nanoobjekten (B)
M. Toellner
tba (BS)
04.04. I. Duznovic
Current modification methods for nanopore-based sensing
21.03. T. Böttcher
QChemAnalyst -- An EChemAnalyst Clone
14.03. S. Lehmann
Halftime – What did I learn?
21.02. T. Walbert
Coating of Nanostructures via Solution Combustion Synthesis (SCS)
14.02. M. Antoni
07.02. T. Böttcher
Enforcing relationships -- Ideas on creating various kinds of NiPd-structures
31.01. T. Stohr
Multimetallic nanotubes --- current results
28.01. I. Pause
Charge inversion -- First results
24.01. F. Muench
Israeli Impressions (with culinary samples)
17.01. F. Muench
Electroless Plating of Nanomaterials with Intrinsic Shape Selectivity
10.01. W. Ensinger
FG Materialanaytik 2018: Projekte, Lehre und dies und das
I. Duznovic
Status report Week 49
Y. Bolat
Neue Methoden zur Charakterisierung von Nanoporen (BS)
I. Pause
Introduction to my topic
06.12. S. Lehmann
Dielectric impedance spectroscopy on STO
S. Schäfer
Nasschemische Synthese ferromagnetischer Nanostrukturen in ionenspurgeätzten Templaten (P)
L2|01 128
Y. Hirata, Tokyo University of Science
Development of 3-Dimensional a-C:H film coating technique and analysis of plasma behaviour
M. Groeb
NiFe Nanowires (ARL)
C. Schare
Plasmatechnologien (BS)
22.11. T. Walbert
3D Pt nanostructure arrays for fuel cell applications
15.11. M. Antoni
Future plans: How to process oxidic 1D nanostructures