Giant Magnetocaloric Effect in Magnets Down to the Monolayer Limit


2D magnets can potentially revolutionize information technology. The application of 2D magnets in cooling technology has not been studied much compared to the tremendous efforts put into exploiting 2D magnets for information technology. Considering the flexibility of 2D magnets and the potential for mechanical deformation, their application in cooling technology is promising. In a cooperation with Nanjing University, we revealed through multiscale calculations the existence of giant magnetocaloric effect and its strain tunability in monolayer magnets such as CrF3, CrOCl and Fe3GeTe2. These findings, published in the Journal Small advocate the giant-MCE monolayer magnets, opening new opportunities for magnetic cooling in nano- and microscale devices.

W. He, Y. Yin, Q. Gong, R. F. L. Evans, O. Gutfleisch, B.-X. Xu, M. Yi, W. Guo
DOI: 10.1002/smll.202300333