Materials science inspires: Big run on the World of Materials 2022

Under the theme “World of Materials”, the Institute for Materials Science at TU Darmstadt opened its doors to the public on October 15th.

2022/10/21 by

The main building of the Institute for Materials Science on the Lichtwiese campus seemed to be bursting with curiosity. People of all ages came to the TU to immerse themselves in the world of materials. Here they could experience what the researchers at TU Darmstadt are working on, how they do it and, above all, why.

Countless exhibits and demonstrators from the individual working groups conveyed the “fascination of materials science” and its social relevance. The virtual reality glasses, with which the guests could immerse themselves in the atomic structure of various materials, were particularly well received. Another highlight was the hoverboard, which made the guests levitate through the interaction of high-temperature superconductors and high-performance magnets.

In addition, the visitors were given exclusive insights into laboratories. Among other things, one of the ultra-high vacuum systems for the synthesis and analysis of new materials could be admired or individual atoms could be made visible under the electron microscope. In lectures, the work on the materials of the future was reported on in a way that was tailored to the target group, for example on the batteries of the next generation. At the stands of the Fraunhofer IWKS and the companies Evonik and Vaccumschmelze, it was shown how materials research is also carried out in the non-university environment. Prospective students were invited to a special sub-program in which a comprehensive picture of materials science was drawn in study and work. And even the little ones could immerse themselves in science with the hands-on offer of the DLR_School_Labs of the TU Darmstadt. The excellent tasting by food trucks and the student-operated cafeteria rounded off the event.

The key message of the day was clear: Materials shape our future. More efficient wind turbines, smartphones with more and more new functions, more sustainable buildings, more powerful computers, electric cars with a longer range, green hydrogen – all of this in an economical and resource-saving way. This requires new, tailor-made high-performance materials that form the basis of tomorrow's technologies. This is exactly what is being researched at the TU Darmstadt – always with the aim of developing innovative solutions for the great challenges of our time.

The dean's office and the organizational team would like to thank all guests and the many helping hands that contributed to the success of this great day! The world of materials is to take place regularly again in the future. As soon as a new date is available, it will be announced on the homepage.