Furnace technology

The DF group has various furnaces setups up to 2000 ° C.

  • several horizontal and vertical furnaces with PID control and gas flow control for Ar, N2, NH3 or air etc. up to 1600 °C as tube furnaces or Schlenk furnaces
  • various Muffle furnaces up to 1600 °C with ambient atmosphere
  • Graphite furnace up to 2000 °C under inert gas (He, Ar)
  • Glass chamber furnace up to 1000 °C
  • UV-furnace

Some Versions

Schlenk furnace Reetz Loba 1100 °C

Glass chamber furnace up to 1000 °C

Tube furnace GERO 1300 °C

Ammonia Schlenk furnace 1100 °C

Tube frunace Heraeus 1300 °C

Tube furnace GERO up to 1600 °C

Various muffle furnaces with temperature control up to 1600 ° C

Graphite furnace GTAT up to 2000 °C