Research Group Dispersive Solids

Possible fields of application for materials produced at a defined micro- and nanoscale are key technologies of the 21st century such as transport systems, information technology, energy as well as environmental systems and micro or nano electromechanical systems. The correlation between the applied processing technique and the resulting microstructure of the derived ceramics and their properties will remain one of the key issues for experimental and theoretical studies in the near and far future.

The ultimate objective of our advanced ceramics research and development is to systematically study “bottom-up” approaches with regard to the synthesis and exploration of novel ceramics in order to establish the technological fundamentals for the development of these new materials and their potential use. The “bottom-up” approach of producing ceramics includes conventional powder synthesis, forming and sintering as well as alternative routes ranging from gas phase synthesis of ceramics (CVD and PVD methods) via wet chemical methods like sol-gel and poymer pyrolysis to biomineralization.


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