Particle size distribution

The particle size distribution of a powder, granulate or of particles dispersed in liquid is sorted, the particles according to the relative amount, according to mass, according to size.

Saturn DigiSizer 5200

Saturn DigiSizer 5200
Saturn DigiSizer 5200

High-resolution laser-based measuring approach to determine particle sizes of organic and inorganic substances. The substances to be investigated will be dispersed well in solvent in form of a powder. Subsequently, the particle sizes will be analyzed with high levels of resolution, accuracy, and reproducibility via scattered light analysis.

Wavelength 658 nm
Power Output 5 – 7,5 mW
Measurement range 0,1-1000 µm
Accuracy 10 % at 0,1-1 µm and 3% at 1-1000 µm
Deconvolution Mie and Fraunhofer Theorie Modelle