Young’s modulus

The modulus of elasticity is an important material parameter for solids. Therefore, its determination in materials science is of paramount importance. It indicates the relationship between tension and elongation during the deformation of a solid body with linear elastic behavior.

RFDA HT 1750

RFDA HT 1750
RFDA HT 1750

The RFDA HT 1750 enables the Young's modulus to be measured using pulse excitation measurements from room temperature up to 1750°C. The measurements can be carried out during the entire heating and cooling process. Rectangular specimens can be measured; their geometry should correspond to the standard DIN EN 843-2.

Internal dimensions of the furnace 148 x 208 x 176 mm
Temperature range Room temperature – 1750 °C
Heating elements MoSi2 heating elements (8 pieces)
Heating/cooling rate 1 – 5 °C/min
Isolation material Al2O3 (PCW)
Furnace wall cooling water cooling
Atmosphere Air
Furnace (sample) loading swing system
Number of samples 1
Max. length of sample 8 cm
Positioning excitation system Adjustable
Positioning microphone Adjustable
Dilatometer unavailable