Alexander Stukowski

Bild Alexander Stukowski

Dr. Alexander Stukowski

+49 6151 16-21898

Otto-Berndt-Str. 3
64287 Darmstadt

Office: L1|08 213

Working area(s)

  • Nanoscale plasticity, studied by means of molecular dynamics and other atomistic simulation models
  • Deformation behavior and mechanical properties of nanostructured metals and alloys
  • Visualization and analysis tools for atomistic simulation data; parallel computing
  • Algorithms for the identification and indexing of atomic structures and crystal defects
  • Multiscale simulation models, e.g. quasicontinuum method, and the scale transition from atomistics to mesoscale and continuum models


Introduction to Programming for Materials Scientists (WS 12/13, WS 13/14, WS 14/15, WS 15/16, WS 16/17)

Software Development

OVITO – The Open Visualization Tool

Dislocation Extraction Algorithm (DXA)

Crystal Analysis Tool



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