Themen für Bachelorarbeiten im FG MM

Topics for Bachelor & Master thesis work

The MM division is continuously looking for motivated Bachelor and Master students that are interested in modelling and simulation of materials and materials properties. Potential research fields for thesis work include:

  • Modelling of defect thermodynamics in TCOs, perovskites and luminescent materials
  • Modelling of conductivity in components on basis of organic semiconductors under consideration of spatial charge effects
  • Monte-Carlo simulations of thermodynamics in free and binary nanocatalysts
  • MD simulations of sintering of ceramic nanoparticles
  • Modelling of materials for all-solid-state batteries (anode, cathode, solid electrolyte). Depending on the material different questions regarding structure, thermodynamic, interfaces or Li ion transport arise.
  • Modelling of AC-losses in macroscopic magnet/superconductor hybrid structures (contact: Yuri Genenko)

Interested? Then please do not hesitate to contact us.

K. Albe, R 211, Tel.: 16-21900.

Prerequisite for entering a thesis work in our group is a good background in solid-state (condensed matter) physics, thermodynamics and statistical physics. Experience in programming is no prerequisite, but may be a merit.