Name Room Phone E-Mail
Prof. Dr. Karsten Durst
  • Dean of Studies
  • Student advisory service
Consultation hours: Wednesday 01:00pm – 02:30pm
L2|01 60 -20551
Prof. Dr. Bai-Xiang Xu
  • Chair of examination board
  • Student advisory service
Consultation hours: Wednesday 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
L1|08 211 -20965
PD Dr. Boris Kastening
  • Coordination of studies
  • Student advisory service
  • General matters of exams
L2|01 78 -22244
Simone Liesenberg
  • Registration and deregistration for exams
  • General matters of exams
  • Acceptance of external accomplishments
  • Receipt of reports and theses
  • Final degrees
Consultation hours: Mo, Wed, Fri 10:30am -12:30am
L2|01 79 -22248
Dr. Hannah Sonderfeld
  • Industrial internship
  • Labs
  • Coordination KI2VA
  • International Master Students
L2|01 209 -22245
Dr. Joachim Brötz
  • Course management
  • Double Degree Students
L2|01 209 -21030

Office of Studies Materials Science

The materials science office of studies is in charge of exams in Bachelor and Master courses of studies, as well as for the main part of the Diplom course of studies.

Certificates and transcripts of records are provided exclusively by the office of studies.

For all other administrative TU activities such as applications to study at TU Darmstadt, admission to study at TU Darmstadt, change of the course of studies, academic leave of absence etc. please turn to the central students service.


Binding for all students of TU Darmstadt are the “General Exam Regulations” (APB) and the “Implementation Regulations” for the respective courses of studies.

Re-examinations: Please note the contents of §31 of the General Exam Regulations of TU Darmstadt (APB) and “Referral to § 31 (1-3)” of the implementation regulations for both Bachelor and Master courses.

According to these you are urgently advised to have a discussion with your mentor or another professor after failing a first repeat of an exam (“Fachprüfung”). A formal necessity for such a discussion does not exist, though.

Please note additionally that the second re-examination of an exam that usually is a written exam, may be taken as an oral exam if both the student and the professor(s) agree. However, should you fail again, no “Supplementary oral examination” (“Mündliche Ergänzungsprüfung”) can be taken anymore and the course of studies is terminated without degree.