How to get to Darmstadt

From Frankfurt Airport (FRA):

There are several options to get to Darmstadt once you arrived at Frankfurt Airport. We recommend using the bus “Airliner”, which departs every 30 min from Terminal 1 and 2 to Darmstadt. It takes just around 25 min to Darmstadt central station or “Luisenplatz”, which is more central and the closest stop to the hotel. Further details about times and locations can be found in their information sheet.

It is also possible to take a train to Darmstadt. Then you take a local train (S8 or S9) to Frankfurt central station and from there RB68 (direction of Heidelberg) or RE60 (direction of Mannheim). Please have a look at the online information system of the public transport (, available in English) for a detailed time schedule.

From Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN):

If you arrive at Frankfurt-Hahn Airport, you will have a longer journey to get to Darmstadt. First, you take a bus (run by the private company Bohr Omnibus GmbH) to Frankfurt main station (~ 2 h) from where you can take a train to Darmstadt (see above). It is also possible to change at Mainz main station (~ 1.20 h) and take the train RB75 (direction of Aschaffenburg) from there. The busses depart right in front of the terminal exit.

For a detailed schedule, see here.

Tickets can be booked in advance via

Adapted from DADINA (
Adapted from DADINA (

Orientation at Darmstadt Station:

You will arrive at Darmstadt central station by train or by bus. The map should help you to find the connection to the city centre. Five lines connect the central station directly with the city centre (Luisenplatz). Bus line K and tram 3 connect further to “Schloß” which is closer to the venue of the meeting. If you are on the Airliner from Frankfurt Airport you can stay on the bus until “Luisenplatz” (closest stop to the hotel) or “Schloß”.