AMIS: M2 TUD HOST UNIVERSITY (second year students)

Code Name ECTS credits  
1-01-4109 Micromechanics for Materials Science 6  
11-01-4101 Research Lab I 4  
01-27-2M01/6 Venture Valuation (incl. Inno Project II) 6 I&ENT
Elective courses **    
11-01-7342 Ceramic Materials: Syntheses and Properties. Part II 4  
11-01-2009 Concepts in Materials Physics 4  
11-01-7301 Electrochemistry in Energy Applications I: Converter Devices 4  
11-01-8131 Engineering Microstructures – Processing, Characterization and Application 4  
11-01-8202 Fundamentals and Techniques of Modern Surface Science 4  
11-01-2016 Interfaces – From wetting to friction 4  
11-01-2001 Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 4  
11-01-9332 Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Materials 4  
11-01-2006 Mechanical Properties of Metals 4  
11-01-3031 Polymer Materials 4  
11-01-4004 Quantum Mechanics for Materials Science 6  
11-01-8162 Semiconductor Interfaces 4  
11-01-2014 Solid State and Structural Chemistry of Materials 4  
  TOTAL 30  

* The Course “Micromechanics for Materials Science” can be replaced by the course “Quantum Mechanics for Materials Science (6 ECTS)”

** All eligible “Elective courses” are listed in “elective courses M. Sc. Materials Science” in the TUCaN system. Only the following courses cannot be chosen: “Materials Engineering”, “Materials Science for Renewable Energy Systems ”or “Advanced Research Lab”. Students without a bachelor degree in Materials Science or Physics can also use the course “Concepts in Materials Physics (6 ECTS)” on request.

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