Dr. Pelin Tozman

Athene Young Investigator


work +49 6151 16-22134

Work L2|07 10
Peter-Grünberg-Str. 16
64287 Darmstadt

My research focuses on developing novel materials for practical applications; permanent magnet for green energy technology, magnetic recording media for hard disk drives, spintronic applications, and noise suppression materials for 5G communication. For this purpose, I worked on different types of compositions, in various forms (nanocomposite, nano powders, ingot, thin-film, nanofabrication).

Pelin Tozman got her PhD. from Trinity College Dublin from Prof. J.M.D Coey’s group and she worked as a postdoc (Prof. K. Hono) and as an ICYS research fellow in National Institute for Materials, Tsukuba. During her PhD she engaged the research activities within the European project, on development medium grade magnet, material genome on Heusler alloys and Mn-Ga phase diagrams. During her stay in Japan, her research focuses on SmFe12-based compounds as a candidate for next generation permanent magnet with the collaboration of Prof. H. Sepehri-Amin and Prof. Y. K. Takahashi in the Research Center for Magnetic and Spintronic Materials.

She demonstrated that with small addition of Zr in (Sm1-xZrx)(Fe,Co)12 thin film we can achieve the highest magnetization ever reported for hard magnetic compounds. She overcome the demerit of the reduced magnetization in bulk SmFe12-based compounds is counterbalanced by replacing Fe for Co and by decreasing the phase stabilizer element while establishing the phase stabilization by partial substitution of Sm with Zr, Y or Gd. Her research is awarded with the prestigious 15th NIMS President Development Award given once a year to distinguished research results. She also focused on the fact that further increase in hard disk drive density can only be achieved by multi-level recording using heat, and demonstrated that multi-level recording is possible with a three-layer film of FePt-C/Ru-C/FePt-C. She contributed on the development of Fe-based powders as a noise suppression material to absorb radiation pollution for 5G communications. She was the principal investigator of two research projects in Japan and currently from March 2023, she is Athene Young Investigator in Functional Material group of Prof. O. Gutfleisch.