UV/Vis/NIR – spectrometer

Determination of absorption, transmission, reflection and diffuse reflection (λ = 180-3300nm).

Fluorescence-Spectrometer with optical and x-ray excitation

Measurement of excitation (λ =200-850nm) and emission spectra (λ = 200-800nm) of x-ray excited samples in the temperature range from 10K-300K.

Vacuum deposition system

for metals, dielectrics and organic materials. Co-evaporation of two materials from different sources. Deposition of almost any desired layer sequence. s the deposition of almost any desired layer sequence.

Impedance spectrometer

Measurement of the differential capacity in the range of -40 V to +40 V, for frequencies from 1 mHz to 32 MHz.

Parameter analyser with cryostat for semiconductors

Parameter analysis of diodes and transistors in the temperature range of 4-400 K.


Determination of layer thickness in the range of ~100 Å to 10000 Å.

Scanning electron microscope with integrated cathodoluminescence unit

with a resolution down to the sub micrometer range.


Determination of thin films (1-1000 nm) and non-destructive determination of optical properties (refraction index and absorption)


Determination of topography and surface potential of thin films with a resolution in the nm-regime under ultra high vacuum (UHV) and deep temperature conditions.

Laser for spectroscopy and time-of-flight measurements

Measurement of spectral- and time-resolved decay characteristics of optical emitting transitions; Time-of-flight measurements for determining the charge carrier mobility.

Short-time poling set up

Determination of field dependent polarization switching times of different ferroelectric materials. Operating parameters: poling times from 1µs to 1000s, amplitudes up to 3000V.

Corona poling set up

Poling of dielectrics by a corona discharge process with in situ monitoring of charging current and surface potential temporal dependencies.