Research group: Catalysts and Electrocatalysts

The junior professorship on catalysts and electrocatalysts is part of the Graduate School of Excellence Energy Science and Engineering (ESE) with a linking function between the two research departments of materials science (Department 11) and chemistry (Department 07).

Our research focus is directed to the development of non-precious metal catalysts (NPMC) and highly selective catalysts for fuel cell catalysis and other energy relevant applications. The group EKAT is member of the Profile Area Future Energy Systems and of the Profile Area From Material to Product Innovation.


  • 2018/12/18


    Begeisterte Teilnehmer des Erfinderlabors 2019 Marvin Glock, Lea Chen, Lara Hofacker und Sören Fetsch (v.l.n.r.). Foto: Markus

    In light of the Erfinderlabor 2019, four motivated high school students of the 11th grade visited our group.

    The students, coming from all over Hessen, succesfully synthesized a Platinum-free cathode-catalyst, processed the catalyst subsequently into a functional Membrane-Electrode-Assembly and evaluated it with help of our PEMFC test stand.

    An exciting project with a succesfull conclusion. The students presented their research results for a large audience in the seminar at the premises of Merck KGaA.

    The Erfinderlabor of the Zentrum für Chemie was organised in cooporation with the Faculty of Material Science of the Technical University Darmstadt, Merck KGaA, the ministry of Economy, Energy, Transport and Housing of Hessen, the ministry of culture of Hessen, the VCI of Hessen and Spektrum der Wissenschaft.

  • 2018/12/18


    Fotos: Gregor Rynkowski

    On December 19th the award ceremony for the Adolf Messer Award took place in the Georg Lichtenberg House of the TU Darmstadt. It was an amazing evening for me and I’m really proud receiving this Award from the Adolf Messer Foundation and the TU Darmstadt. Also many thanks to my wonderful team that works on the realization of all the ideas!

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