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2nd Symposium within the Joint Graduate Program with Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan

Paving the way for early career exchange with a renowned Japanese university.

The 2nd Symposium of the International Joint Graduate Program in Materials Science (GP-MS) which is the biggest annual event of GP-MS, was held on 4th-5th Nov. at Science Campus Hall in Aobayama Campus in Sendai. On the first day, three keynote speeches (including one by Lambert Alff, Materials Science, TU Darmstadt) and six invited talks in the school of science sessions were given. On the second day, there was a school of engineering session and student sessions. The student sessions are a special feature of the GP-MS symposium. In the student sessions, PhD students managed everything (Chair, invitation of speakers, time management etc.). Here, Florian Müller-Plathe from the chemistry department of TU Darmstadt gave an invited talk. GP-MS provides excellent opportunity for students of TU Darmstadt for exchange with a Japanese partner university.