Lectures and Lab Exercises

Prof. Alff – © Gabi Haindl

Lectures and Lab Exercises

Lambert Alff and his group offer regularly a series of lectures about the fundamentals and up-to-date research topics of materials science. More information about times and rooms can be found in TUCaN.

Winter Term

In the winter term a lecture about Magnetism and magnetic materials (in English) is offered also covering the current research focus. For electrical engineers a basic and tailored lecture is available: Electrical Engineering Materials (in German). There is also a lecture developed for physicists: Material Science for Physicists A with lab exercise. Furthermore, the group offers an introductory course Introduction to high-resolution electron microscopy (in German and English) also available for Ph.D. students.

Summer Term

In the summer term we offer the lecture Materials Science VI (in German) with exercises that covers amongst others magnetism, superconductivity, and dielectric behavior. This lecture complements the lecture about Functional Materials. Furthermore, a lecture about Advanced Materials is available discussing the relevant materials in up-to-date research. A lecture on Spintronics supplements the lecture Magnetism and magnetic materials with a current application field: electronics using the spin of the electron. In addition, we offer a lecture about Materials Science of Thin Films (together with the Surface Science group) that prepares for a lab or research work in the field of thin films. There is also the second part of the course Material Science for Physicists B with exercises.

Lab Exercises

We offer several lab exercises mainly using our research equipment:

  • Lab exercise Materials Science for Physicists (Bachelor)
  • Advanced Lab for Materials Science (Bachelor)
  • Research Lab I (Master, English)
  • Advanced Research Lab (Master, English)
  • Practical Introduction to high-resolution scanning electron microscopy (Master, PhD, English)