Alkali-reduced bioactive glasses

Bioactive glasses (BGs) are promising bone substitute materials.

SEM surface morphology analysis of silicon oxycarbide samples after seven days SBF test: (a) SiCa0-T, (b) SiCa5-T, (c) SiCa12-T, and (d) SiCa50-T. The hydroxyapatite precipitation is marked in white circles for SiCa12-T.

However, under certain circumstances BGs such as the well-known 45S5 Bioglass® (composition in wt%: 45.0 SiO2, 24.5 Na2O, 24.5 CaO, 6.0 P2O5) act cytotoxic due to a strong increase in pH caused by a burst release of sodium ions. Thus, the development of new bioactive glasses with low- or free- alkali content is a key part of our work. Our focus is the fundamental understanding of composition-structure-property relationship of these new materials aiming to tailor new compositions for bone tissue engineering .

  • Bioactive Silicon Oxycarbide Based Glasses & Glass-ceramics
  • Alkali reduced bioactive glasses prepared by sol-gel
  • Injectable biocomposites

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