MIT-Germany Lockheed Martin Seed Fund for Professor Molina-Luna


TU professor Leopoldo Molina-Luna from the Department of Materials and Geosciences is funded for his project “Investigation of Oxygen Diffusion in HfO2 Based Memristive Devices by Using iDPC STEM” with the MIT-Germany Lockheed Martin Seed Fund 2019/2020 in the amount of 22,000 US Dollar. The Seed Fund was first announced in 2019 and promotes research projects between scientists from MIT and German, mostly technical universities. A total of five projects from Germany were funded, including the project of Professor Molina-Luna. He collaborates with a MIT working group in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering (DMSE). The project started this year and will be extended until 2022 due to the current corona pandemic. It deals with a new method to map light elements on the atomic level. mho