Call for Articles: Special Issue of Nanomaterials “Electrochemical Properties and Applications of Ceramic Nanomaterials”


A special issue of Nanomaterials (ISSN 2079-4991), IF 4.3, is released. This special issue belongs to the section “Synthesis, Interfaces and Nanostructures”.

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 April 2021.

In this Special Issue, we collect contributions from the research groups engaged in the processing of nanostructured ceramics, their electrochemical characterisation and testing, as well as prospective applications in energy-related fields.

Many electrical and electrochemical properties of ceramics can be tailored by changing their composition and morphology. This Special Issue aims, without being limited to, attracting publications on the following aspects:

1. Impact of synthesis/processing methods on the morphology/structure of the ceramic nanomaterials with a view to tailoring electrochemical properties (e.g., charge carriers transport, charge storage);

2. “In situ” electrochemical characterisation of ceramic nanomaterials allowing for tracing microstructural changes during the electrochemical testing;

3. Application of ceramic nanomaterials, with a focus on energy storage (e.g., batteries and supercapacitors electrode materials, electrode support materials, electrolytes/electrodes for fuels cells).

It is our pleasure to invite you to submit a manuscript for this Special Issue. Full papers, communications, and reviews are all welcome.

More information: MDPI