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Veranstaltungen des Fachgebiets

5th Annual PIRE PDC Workshop in Conjunction with Graduate School TU-Darmstadt, from July 31 to August 07, 2022

The annual workshop promotes face-to-face interactions among US and international members to encourage discussion of the collaborative research agenda, yearly progress review via oral/poster presentations by participants, short-courses on topics related to ceramics, information sessions by national lab and industry participants, and the extension of PDC-fiber research to a broader materials science community. The workshop promotes engagement and sharing of resources and research infrastructure within and across PIRE institutions. State of the art research is disseminated at the workshops by welcoming non-PIRE scientists and students amongst our midst.

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10th International Workshop on Spinel Nitrides and Related Materials, September 2021

With this workshop, we intend to bring together the leading research groups actively working in the field of advanced nitride materials. It is our aim to promote and broaden the scientific community and to provide a forum for discussing the state of the art with respect to practical implementations as well as the underlying concepts and the relevance of nitride-based materials.

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