Bild: A. Ott

M. Sc. Alexander Ott


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fax +49 6151 16-21623

Work L6|01 405
Otto-Berndt-Strasse 3
64287 Darmstadt

PhD-thesis in the frame of "FIPRE - Functional Paper Research", DFG

"Pseudomorphe Umwandlung von Cellulose-basierten Papieren zu funktionalen keramischen Papieren"

(Supervisors: Ralf Riedel, Emanuel Ionescu)

(Collaborator: Hans-Joachim Kleebe)

Master thesis in cooperation with Merck

"Impact of synthesis routes on the non-linear electric properties of doped Barium-Strontium-Titanate"

(Supervisors: Ralf Riedel, Emanuel Ionescu)