Chemische Synthesen und verarbeitung molekularer anorganischer Precursoren

Chemical syntheses of molecular precursors

glove box

Schlenk- and glove box technique

  • Applications:
    • Precursors for CVD and syntheses of polymers for ceramic materials of the systems
      • SiC, SiCO, SiCN, SiBCN, SiBCO, SiAlCN(O), TiCN, BCN, CN
    • Development of new polymer systems such as polytitanium- polygallium- polyindium compounds and polymeric carbonitrides

Processing and modifications of inorganic polymeres

  • Processing and chemical modification of commercial systems like:
    • Polysilanes
    • Polysilazanes
    • Polysiloxanes
    • Ormocers®
    • Ormosils®
    • further metal organic polymers
Processing PDC + filler

Development of novel applications

  • Techniques of hybrids
  • Preparation of amorphous or rather glass-like and crystalline/partially crystalline inorganic-non-metallic materials for applications in wet-chemical finishing:
    • Corrosion protection
    • Hard material layers
    • Coating of C- or ceramic fibers
    • Powder coating
    • Infiltrations
    • Composite materials

High temperature syntheses of non-oxidic ceramic materials

  • binary, ternary and multinary material systems like:
    • AlN, BN, B4C, SiC, Si3N4, TiN, TiCN, SiCN, SiBCN, sialones, alones, etc.
  • Preparation of amorphous especially glass-like and crystalline partially crystalline inorganic-non-metallic materials for high temperature applications plus preparation of composite materials