NPU – TU Darmstadt Joint International Research Laboratory of Ultrahigh Ceramic Matrix Composites


Objective of the Present Agreement

It is the intention of both Parties that NPU and TU Darmstadt cooperate with each other in conducting scientific research and development on a long-term basis under the JOINT INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH LABORATORY or JIRL as defined below. The purpose of this Agreement is to set forth basic terms and conditions for such joint research and development works under the JIRL. This Agreement is an umbrella agreement, which is applicable to every specific scientific and technical research and development project conducted by the JIRL (hereinafter “Specific Project” or “Project”). The terms and conditions unique to any such Specific Project shall be stipulated in a Specific Project Agreement as described below.

Both Parties recognize that the establishment of the JIRL and all joint work undertaken by the JIRL under this Agreement is subject to availability of funds and other necessary resources, as well as governmental regulations for such international collaboration and the operation of the JIRL. The JIRL will only commence work under this Agreement after the Parties confirm in writing that necessary funds and resources have been secured and the procedures required by the governmental regulations have been completed.

Overall Objective and Construction Target of the JIRL

The overall objective of the JIRL cooperation is to serve as (i) a high level academic center for international science and technology cooperation and exchange, (ii) an important platform for first-class scholars and training of outstanding innovation talents. The main goals for the construction of the JIRL can be described in its five (5) aspects:

1) Support and construct world-class R&D on ultrahigh ceramic matrix composites.

2) Undertake research projects with significant demand, and continuously output original innovation achievements that are universally recognized by the international academic community as having significant scientific value.

3) Attract world-class innovation talents, train scientists in a multicultural setting, with outstanding innovation ability.

4) General intention to recruit PhD students.

5) Intention to boost the valorization and industrialization of the research outcomes.

Organization and Administration of the JIRL

The JIRL will be organized and administered by Prof. Dr. Riedel on TU Darmstadt´s side and by Asso. Prof. Dr. Xingang Luan on NPU´s side.

Scientific Research Topics

The following research topics will be considered within the JIRL

  • Fundamental aspects of the preparation of UHT-CMCs by PDC
    • Research works include design methods of polymer structure, synthesis and modification of polymer, composition of powder, optimization of preparation processing and parameter, and instinctive properties testing.
  • Fundamental aspects of the preparation of UHT-CMCs by CVI
    • Research works include control method of fluid field and material microstructure, optimization of preparation processing and parameter, and instinctive properties testing.
  • Assessment of the performance of UHT-CMCs
    • Research works include environmental properties tested in simulated application environments.

Research Period

From 1st of July 2017 until 31st of March 2022.

Northwestern Polytechnical University, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, P. R. China