Physical Metallurgy


The research group Physical Metallurgy at the TU Darmstadt in the department of materials science works on the structure property relationship of structural metallic materials and thin hard coatings, focusing on the mechanical properties on both macroscopic as well as microscopic length scales. The group utilizes and develops new testing methods for enhancing our understanding of the deformation mechanism of structural materials on all length scales. Of great importance are so called in-situ mechanical testing approaches, where the material is being mechanical loaded and the deformation is monitored by microscopic or spectroscopic means. Coupling the information of the materials microstructure with the processing condition and the mechanical properties, the group supports the development or enhancement of new structural materials and coatings. One important class of materials are so called ultrafine-grained or nanocrystalline materials, which are being processed by severe plastic deformation processes. The materials microstructure is strongly refined by these processes, leading to both strong and ductile materials. Using thin hard coatings, the life-time of components under tribological or fatigue loading conditions is further enhanced. In teaching, the Physical Metallurgy group focuses on processing, structure and mechanical properties of metals, contributing also with labs on mechanical testing and heat treatments of steels.

Fachgebietsseminar in Gras-Ellenbach, 5.10.2016
Fachgebietsseminar in Gras-Ellenbach, 5.10.2016

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